Spoker Sulky & Camper

The Spoker Sulky and the Spoker Camper are advanced horse drawn crafts. They are a range of lightweight but strong carriages. These carriages have independent suspension on all wheels, sway bars, pneumatic springs, shock absorbers and disc brakes.

Spoker Sulky

The Spoker Sulky is already a design from several years ago and has proven his purpose many times.
Several horses where broke down using this carriage. It is a very safe design and even the wildest horses can not hurt themselves while training.
Also for the driver it is a safe way of training the unexperienced horses. It is low to the ground, well protected around the wheels and the big aluminium front keeps you safe from the hoofs. Also the fixed thill, makes sure that it can not fold when the horse comes backwards. It is also not possible for the carriage to flip.
Currently we are training The Dutch breed Frisian Horse; Tsjisse, he is 1.70m tall and for him we lengthened the thill.
Because of this adjustment we now present the Sulky in 2 sizes. Small breeds till 1.60m high and breeds that are larger than 1.60m high.
The light weight of the Sulky makes it also suitable for small horses/ponies.

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Spoker Horse Camper Rugged (HCR)

The Spoker camper is only still a 3D graphic design, but as you can see a multi purpose vehicle.
It is like a modern Gypsy wagon, or maybe we should look at it the other way around and saw it is a luxurious caravan transformed into a horse camper?
It is designed for long range trips, it will need 2 horses in front. The roof is suitable for storing food. The interior is designed to make your stay practical and comfortable.
A lot of the design ideas came from the maritime world.
Because the wheel base is similar to a motorized vehicle, it is possible to tow the horse camper behind a lorry, so that the horses and camper can be transported at ones.
We are planning on building the first horse camper shortly and expose it to the audience.
Are you interested in buying a horse camper, please do not hesitate to contact us, we than discuss the options and speed up the built.

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