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Why does a Spoker bring you Happiness?

Spoker is a branding company who designs luxurious and exclusive products for the leisure market

  • Spokers are close to nature;
  • Spokers are exclusive, elegant and luxurious designs;
  • Spokers are fast, fresh, functional, fun and friendly;
  • Spokers are clean, comfortable, convenient and cosy;
  • Spokers are light but strong and thoroughly tested in harsh environments.
Spoker is looking for worldwide dealers in the Maritime- and Equestrian sector

Customer Reviews

Nico Tienpont
Nico Tienpont

In 2013 Rederij Haerlem starting sailing with the new build Spoker Salon Yacht.
The Yacht is build completly in Aluminium and has very good sailing abilities.

The Yacht has been sailing with great succes for 3 years now and gives room to 12 passengers and 2 crew members.
With a larger permeant it is aloud to sail with more people on board.

The Yacht is equipped with all forms of luxury, like a bathroom/toilet, heating, thermopane double glazing, comfortable lounge seats, fully equipped kitchen and hot and cold streaming water.
Even 4 people can stay the night on board.

Rederij Haerlem is very pleased with the purchase of this durable ship.

Skipper and Owner of the Salon Yacht ‘De Heerlijckheid’

Spoker News

15 December 2016

Spoker director Eva Straatmans took a drive to the north-west of the Netherlands, Friesland. She went there to discuss the Spoker KISS model.

Please, find the whole article here.

12 December 2016

Spoker was in Istanbul Turkey to explore the potential market. Andre Tienpont visited the company Karina and discussed potential dealership.

Please, find the whole article here.

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