The Spoker Team

The Spoker Team exists of an unique group of talented, well-educated and experienced professionals. The members share in depth theoretical knowledge with a background of practical experience out of world wide adventures and top sports.

Mrs. Eva Straatmans-Tienpont(1979)

Managing director, holds a bachelor in nursing (human and veterinarian) and was working at hospitals and in business. She expects to graduate as MBA shortly. Eva is a very experienced horse rider and whisperer and is caring for horses from her childhood. She is also an experienced racing and cruising sailor.

Mr. André Tienpont, (1949)

Conceptual Designer, is Naval Architect and holds a Master in Business Economics. He is a board member of international business conglomerates, but also a keen sailor, a horse driver as well as rider and whisperer. He is also an experienced adventurer and founder of several successful companies in the international business environment. André was involved in all Spoker designs.

Mr. Nico Tienpont, (1952)

Nico is an international businessman and world citizen. He is already working for decades as managing director in the leisure industries. Playing with water became his expertise. Nico is conceptual designer and first owner of the Spoker Saloon Yacht named Heerlijckheid.

Mr. Ruben Tienpont, (1975)

Ruben is a Mechanical Engineer who made his career in the high end of the yachting industry. He is also a keen yachtsman. Ruben is the conceptual designer and first owner of the Spoker Kiss - dayboat.

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